.:: 07/2/2013 Die Tunichtguten 3vs3 CTF tournament ::.
xonotic-soldier.pngOn 23rd June 2013 Die Tunichtguten hosted the much anticipated 3vs3 CTF tournament, organised by pillow.pants. -->
Well the first thing to say is that the tournament was epic!  10 teams turned up to wage war, over 4 gruelling hours!  Every team played well, and the contest ran smoothly from start to finish, but of course there could only ever be one winner!
After more than 3 hours of competition, only two teams were left, these were Lovers and DBC...the final map played was LostSpace2: in the blue corner LoverSmilecythe, LoverNimbuz, J0k3r [Nude Dudes] and in the red corner dbc!jizzy, dbc!jngm, dbc!stephan! who would win!?

Watch the whole glorious battle right here to find out -->

other tournament videos -->


- Biggles
.:: 11/12/2012 We got some nice news ::.

Hello again boys and girls.

It has been a while since we last time posted some news on this fabulous site here, but finally there is enough interesting stuff happening to be worth being mentioned in a newspost. As I predicted allready in the last newspost some fine new guys found their ways into our rows. I am happy to welcome our new full member XPerience and our new trial members PussyWagon, TheWho and Koshie to our team
smiley-cool.gif I know this news took some time to appear, but you guys know, i have been busy the last weeks for some special reason ...

The special reason takes us right to the next point of this announcement: We have new servers since about 3 weeks. Kroete and me spent LOTS of time in moving all the services to the new servers and configuring everything. The new servers definitly improved the gaming experience and we are even able to host a 32 Slot CTF Server, a 20 Slot DM Server and possibly even a 1on1-Server (and maybe even others), now.

Long story short: Welcome to the new kickass Dietunichtguten Servers.
May the pwnage be with you

Some note to our members. Some ports and logins have changed while moving to the new servers. Make sure to check out this posting on the boards should you face any problems with the services we provide usually:


- eL_Bart0

.:: 04/15/2012 We are back - Oh yeah! ::.
I've been working almost the whole last day, to be able to announce this to you: We are back in the scene. DieTunichtguten, the team that used to kick your asses so hard on Nexuiz, is finally back ... now on Xonotic :) We are more than happy to be around with you guys and gals, again. Long time lots of people claimed we were dead, gone forever and what so on, but here we are to say HI again. There's plenty of work that still needs to be done ... on the webserver ... on the website ... on the gameservers ... almost everywhere, but i'm optimistic things will turn out great for us again. Our rows may have cleared a bit till today, but that may be changing soon again, too. I hope all of you will enjoy our new Xonotic Minsta CTF+Hook Server and we will see you around soon pwning damn stupid n00bs on the server.

May the pwnage and fun be with you, my friends. Over and out.

Thanks to the whole Xonotic development team for making all of this possible, you dudes rock hard! :)

- eL_Bart0

.:: 07/23/2010 Bad/Good news, 3 out and 1 in ::.
Nesquick.pngHello Nexuiz g33kz! Heddiz here...
We have a few announcements to make, some good and some bad. Lets start with the bad and save the best for last.

We have been forced to get rid of two players due to inactivity, both in game and on irc. We cannot get in contact with either of them. The first one is M@X and the second one is Edi.It was fun playing with them both while they were playing, But we have to let go of them both. We also got one more guy leaving the team, as sadly he doesnt enjoy the game anymore:The legendary player 337, one of the best. Although we're sad that he has left, we wish him the best of luck.

Enough of bad news....

Now for the good news!

We have recruited a new member. Another crazy swede, DieTunichtguten just cant get enough of them =p His name is Nesquick, i think most people have seen Nesquick before when he was
Kicking some ass on our server while playing for the clan NK.

We welcome you to the DieTunichtguten family!

Lets pwn some n00bs together!

/ [DieTunichtguten] Heddiz

.:: 28/06/2010 quite a change then ::.

warservicewithbadass.pngHello campers! it's ev0l here, and it's been a while!

anyway though, there's been some major changes since our last news post:
First, sadly our alliance with Exile has ended... and, naturally, this means that their server is not available via our war service...

But the news about this is not all bad!! after a short absence, the war service is back with another great ally of ours providing hosting: The Badass Choobs (TBC) if any clan wishes to take advantage of the badass choobs server for a clanwar, then contact us through the war service button on the right.

also, it's all change on our funserver again:

we've added a new mod called "sniper arena". this means, to put it simply, that health is scattered around the level, just like in regular nexuiz, but you still use the minstgib. if you collect a LOT of health, then it is possible to not die after one shot though... this can make some matches very interesting, and we hope you like it.

with a little time, surely we'll see you on our servers.

thanks for reading everyone, and hope to frag ya soon.

good luck, campers


(new war service logo design by fjant and hypnoskroete)

.:: 05/30/2010 More great news ::.

Long time there has been no news post on the frontpage here. Today it's finally time for a lot of news. As most of you most likely allready read on our boards our team got quite some real kickass members in addition. At first we wanna congratulate Pimpampum again for advancing to full member status. But that's not even all. We are really glad to announce that PSs777 joined our team as full member, too. She's bringing in some neat hook spark for our servers, which almost everyone of you should have seen ingame allready.

Guess what? We even got more asskicking new members to announce. Vargos and Oxyd also joined our team as trial members. Both of them have been around for a very long time on IRC and the game servers, too, so we are 100%ly sure they are more than worthy enough to join our team. We would really like to welcome all of our new members and we are happy you all found your ways into our rows of n00b-hunting warriors.

Just for the sake of completeness: We allready have 2 new servers for quite some long time: The first being 1on1 Minsta Deathmatch and the other one being laser sumo. Make sure to check them out, as words can't really describe their greatness!

Don't got enough of the great news yet? We also added some new mod to the fun server. It's called SniperArena. Unlike in minstagib you dont get fragged by a single shot, usually. You can even collect health and armor on the maps to power yourself up so you won't get killed by just 2 shots. Besides this its like the classic minstagib server, even the gun model is the same. Of course the fun server supports dodging as usual, for even more movement action. We really hope you all like the new mod and servers and hope you have a great time on them.

Last but not least, we are proud to offer you a war service now officially. In cooperation with eXiLe we provide the minsta scene with servers for clan and/or funwars. To find out some details about this great new service, go here.

-- eL_Bart0 and Hypnosekroete

.:: 03/14/2010 Boards are opened ::.
Heyho Ladies and Gentlemen.

We finally found the time to install a web board on our server. After messing around almost one year with the Nexuiz server mainly, we can finally start to focus a little bit more on the web development again. We are happy to welcome everyone on the fresh installed board and hope you have a great time here. We are not entirely sure if this is not only going to be a temporary solution, but for now it should be enough to fit our needs. Expect stuff to happen here in the near future, of course. Most likely lots of things are going to be changed and added here within the next weeks.

We hope this board makes it easier for other clans and communities to get in contact with us. Personally we have always had great experiences with IRC-only, but unfortunately not every Nexuiz clan is around on IRC these days. So do not hesitate to get in contact with us or leave some constructive critics here, we are waiting for them :)

May the posts be with us

Check out the boards here: http(s)://dietunichtguten.org/board/

-- eL_Bart0 and Hypnosekroete


BTW: Wondering what this picture in the newspost is about? Check out this
thread on the alientrap boards:


.:: 02/27/2010 Jublieeeee!!! \o/ ::.
fhunaro.pngLet's celebrate the 1st anniversary of
Die Tunichtguten!

Party hard!!!1

We have come a long way since we started off in the Nexuiz scene. We had the usual ups and downs and where confronted with problems we could have never imagined in the beginning. Besides all that we found quiet a bunch of new friends and fans within this one year and we are happy to be able to enjoy every single day with you ladies and gentlemen out there

Long we have kept this secret but today we want to publicly announce about our 2 new blood-thirsty and meat-hungry trial-members: Congratulations to you pimpampum and M@X. We are pretty sure you are 1337 enough to join our rows of asskickers and n00b-hunters.

Looking at past few months we really have to admit our days would have been kind of lonely without fellow hunters like the dear members of
Legion of Caps and Nexuiz Fun Clan. Thank you for all the nice funwars and countless hours and days of having fun together in the dark arena of the CTF-Server. We hope in the near future there will be rising even more great minsta clans like these like new stars on the sky. So maybe we finally could establish a Nexuiz CTF Minsta league.

Many of you may have noticed we finally got around to play a bit with QuakeC resulting in some (we hope) nice server mods to make playing on our server(s) even more fun for all of us. We implemented a timed killing spree system in Unreal Tournament 99 style. Everytime you kill enemies in a row within a maximum timelimit of about 2 seconds you get one level higher in your time killing spree. The following levels are available atm: "Double Kill", "Tripple Kill", "Bloodrage", "Ragnaroek", "Inhuman". If you kill more than 6 opponents within one spree you will get an additional "Inhuman" for every frag.

We also locked free headshot detection for the minstagib gamemode. Everytime you kill an opponent with a headshot you will get one more extra point for frag. Last but least we added a berserker bloodrage kill action.

For all the great support and help regarding every possible aspect of Nexuiz coding/design and server adminstration we want to thank all of these allmighty g33ky wizzards: morphed, tZork, merlijn, Spaceman "the spacy dude!", BirdBrain aka. InsaneKid, Black-Dragon131 and finally lordHavoc who did a great job making all of this possible and answering our endless questions

One more good news for the day: We finally finished setting up our new 1on1 Minsta DM-Server. We hope to get a lot of feedback about it soon and applications for a lot of great 1on1 matches. We want to see your DEMOs DEMOs DEMOs DEMOs ... find ways to contact us.

Shoot you later in the evening, hope we will have a lot of fun. We love guys and girls! BOOM! Headshot!

-eL_Bart0 and Hypnosekroete
.:: 01/24/2010 finally a happy new year from DTG ::.
As late as i am in saying this:
on behalf of Dietunichtguten,

Happy New Year!!

due to a little trouble in using the admin software, i couldn't post any news for a while, but here' we are ^^

since christmas, we have had another Trial-Member join our ranks: Estelle. she is a fantastic player and has been playing on our server since.....well.....actually for as long as i can remember. we welcome her as we do all those in our ranks. we hope you have fun estelle

and a well known member of ours has changed...
every person who played on our server soon learned to fear Randy Orton... his quickfire shots, his speed in flag carrying... but his name has changed, so we all have a new name to fear *lightning sound effects* "Dorkujisan"
look out for him on our servers and see if you can catch him

for any more information, and for individual contact details of clan members, please visit our
members section

anyway, thats all the news i have for you right now,

thanks for reading, campers

.:: 12/17/2009 wow...lots more stuff for us all! ::.
posing.pngHello Campers! it's me again, evil_mercenary, with some clan news for you all!

First of all, i'd like us all to give a warm Dietunichtguten welcome to our new trial members: JZDM and Fjant!
Both JZDM and Fjant have been playing on our CTF server for a long time now, and are both a great addition to our team! for any more information, visit our members page. cant wait to see you in game, guys!!

now, if you are completely new to nexuiz, or even first person shooters for that matter, it can be quite an ordeal to get into online games. all the players seem very good, and a bit intimidating (even if they're friendly like us tongue.gif) so, for our various section, i have written a new guide: evil_mercenary's newbies' guide to CTF. i hope this is of help to someone. so dont forget to check it out.
And that's all for now folks!
happy camping!

P.S. seriously though, dont camp tongue.gif

.:: 12/02/2009 A hell lot of stuff is going on at Die Tunichtguten ::.
Hello Ladiez and Gentz!

It's eL_Bart0 again, your newsguy at Die Tunichtguten. before we begin, i have to admit, that its been a long time since we posted an update on this website, i apologize for that! But now enough of the whining, here's the news:

First off let me start with news regarding our members. We've lost TheRaptor to some us-based clan, called "Redline Nexuiz". He always hated his ping while playing with us mostly european-based guys, so most likely it was just a question of when he would leave, sadly.

But- and now comes the good news- we've gained plenty of other great players to fill the spot he left open. We are happy to announce that our kickass "priest of the ancient gods", no337, has finally been promoted to a full member here @ Die Tunichtguten. and Thats not all: my favorite "personal french swear-word teacher", Randy-Orton, is following in his footsteps!happy.gif

Can't get enough of new Die Tunichtguten members? Well then, send some nice welcome greetings to Edi, as he is joining our task force, too. You have all proven yourselves to be more than worthy enough to be a great addition to our ass-kicking team and every member of Die Tunichtguten wishes you all the best and a lot of fun!.

Speaking of fun, we are also proud to announce that we fought and won a funwar against [NFC]. We all had a lot of fun and are happy to share it with you within the next few days. To see some demos and screenshots check out our league/war section. At the time of writing, there is not much stuff put up yet, but if you give us a few days, we will have added all the fancy stuff we can get our hands on, for your viewing pleasure smiley-wink.gif

In the meantime, you can check out some other brain-killing and mind-melting action shots on our brand new youtube channel. Make sure to check it out here: http://youtube.com/user/dietunichtguten. A big THANKS flies out to QorL, who is now our official youtube channel maintainer. So if you got any questions about all this youtube stuff, don't hesitate to get in contact with him. As usual you can find all the ways to contact us in our contacts/links section. We also included all of our eMail adresses for your reference in our members section

Thats all that comes to mind for now folks, so all i have left to say is: Good luck, happy fragging and have fun!

.:: 11/08/2009 our last funwar was a success ::.

nexuizalien.pngHello all!

evil_mercenary here again, bringing you our clan news!

first, our last funwar went very well: the games got very tense as we had to play a tie-breaking round - - but DTG still came out on top, defeating our friends at [Legion Of Caps] with a score of 3 matches to 2! for more info, go to the league/war section of our site. All the matches were fantastic, and well done everyone, the competitioon was feirce.

also on the agenda is another funwar: on 30/11/2009,
[Legion Of Caps] fought hard against [NFC].The battles raged on, and at the end of it all,  [NFC] won with the score 4:0! as you were unlucky in that war [Legion Of Caps], perhaps it will spur a rematch?

if you wish to contact any of us here at [Die TunichtGuten], then our clan email addresses have been added to our information on the
Clan member list Page. this will help if you want to contact any of us individually, but our full contact details are still available on the Contacts/Links Page.

here's hoping the matches continue redface.gif

-evil_mercenary  tongue.gif

.:: 10/02/2009 Nexuiz 2.5.2 ::.

Hi d00ds!nexuiz252.png

Today is a great day, as we can finally see the whole greatness of the new Nexuiz version 2.52! You can finally see all the new stuff with your own eyes, as we just updated our CTF server last night. There are tons of great new features and i will try to just name the most important and obvious changes:

  • New announcer sounds: red/blue flag taken, red/blue flag returned
  • Complete new HUD
  • A very nice new scoreboard
  • See your accuracy by pressing ALT anytime you want
  • Nice effect at the flag point, if someone captures the flag
  • Somewhat improved antilag
  • Motionblur
  • Dynamic Crosshairs (blur on enemy contact / blur when something is in your shooting sight)

By the way: there is allready one known bug: the water bug, it causes a lot of debug messages getting flooded to your console, claiming that r_water 0 was set. Therefore you cant see any water in this case. However there is allready one known work-around available: enable Opengl 2.0 shaders (GLSL) in the graphics video menu and turn on reflections in the graphics effects menu. The bug was allready posted at the nexuiz forums also, so expect the developers to provide a hotfix in the not so far future!


.:: 09/29/2009 Only An Update ::.

nexwasser.png  Hi ho again campers! evil_mercenary here: some news and updates here for you from us guys at Die Tunichtguten! i'll be trying to keep you all as up to date with recent happenings as possible at all times.

first off, since my last post, another great player has joined our ranks: Randy-Orton! he has been playing on our servers for months and was a major player for team krazer. he is one of the best players out there and is a formidable opponent for anyone to come across! welcome to Die Tunichtguten!

also, last saturday (09/26/2009) we held a funwar between Legion of Caps and us on our CTF server. we won 4 matches out of 4! great win team! for more information on that, visit our
leagues/war section. tongue.gif

we are very happy to announce, that HeddiZ has gained full member status. Congratulations from the whole team dude, you really deserve it, as you have grown a very important part of us. Keep on owning, mate!

and finally: more and more bugs and problems keep cropping up in Nexuiz version 2.5.2, but the release date does not see too far away now.....mind you, we thought that in july :-p. there are some new features which interest many people though, including motionblur and a new, quiker to read HUD. but anyway, hopefully we will all be using it soon. thanks for reading

-evil_mercenary tongue.gif

.:: 09/17/2009 such news there is ::.

nexblue1.pnggood morning campers tongue.gif
hoping you are all well, we have some more news for you:

our memberlist has expanded once again as we have regained our friend theraptor. he is back with skillz to match, and he is now in charge of running our subsidiary clan "team Krazer". team krazer is for those who want to be a part of dietunichtguten, but dont neccessarily have the ability to help pay for our servers, or the amount of skill required. in fact: think of team krazer as a clan for those who love nexuiz. if you are interested in joining [team krazer] then just catch raptor or any other dietunichtguten member on our IRC channel. (see our
contacts page for contact information)

also we have two completely new members: evil_mercenary. he's from england and has been playing on our servers for many months now. even longer than our clan has been around. as usual for dietunichtguten members, his skillz are a force to be reckoned with: his speed and movement capabilities make him an amazing flag runner.. look out for him on the CTF server! you may see him elsewhere too... if you can catch him

and also, 337. the ancient greek, now, many of you have probably seen 337 before. he's difficult to hit, and rarely misses a shot himself. he is an amazing defender and general all-rounder and can be found on our servers most days of the week. he is a valuable addition to our team, and we welcome him with open arms, and a free minstagib

and finally, there is only one bug left on the roadmap to the badly delayed nexuiz 2.5.2! hopefully it will be available for download soon. (if you want to check out the development in progress for this and future releases, please check here

cant wait to see you in game:


.:: 08/12/2009 We got news for you ::.

Today we have 3 new things to announce.

First of all we are happy to introduce you to our newest trial-member, HeddiZ. Most of the people visiting this website know this insane Swede allready, most likely. As usual we are proud to welcome our newest member to our holy community. Feel free to pwn n00bs on our servers as much as you like and enjoy your stay. You people out there, fear HeddiZ, as he is going to hunt you down, like usual for a member of Die Tunichtguten

The second news is not as good as the first, because we unluckily have to announce, that "The Raptor" is leaving us allready to the end of this month. This is a sad day for all of us. We still wish "The Raptor" all the best for his future and hope that he will be around on the servers and on IRC as much as he will have time for it in the future, too. Most likely we will have to get used to the idea that a community exists of coming and leaving people, so we really should not take this as bad news but as usual business

The last news is of course a good news again. We have a new server mod, sponsored by tZork and morphed. It's a sound/gameplay modification. You can now hear the Nexguns bullets pass your head and body, if they are really close misses. This way you are now able to actually hear how good your dodging skills are. By now the mod is only installed on the main ctf server, but the others will follow in the not so far future, too. I hope everyone will like it. If you should have any issues, please contact us. You can find a lot of different ways to contact us on our contact site.
Thanks a thousand times for your efforts, guys, you rock! smiley-cool.gif


.:: 08/02/2009 A dream came true ::.

Today we are more than happy to introduce you to our new exclusive Nexgun. The Nexgun was designed and packaged by morphed, an official Nexuiz developer, just for our servers. Hereby we want to thank this fabulous dude for all the work he has done to let this dream come true smiley-laughing.gif

By now the new Nexgun is available on our CTF Minsta+Hook and CTF Minsta+Jetpack server only, but give us a few days and the Nexgun will be available on all of our servers. Additionally to the Nexgun, morphed brought us some kickass tombstones that get dropped, whenever you frag someone. Those tombstones can actually be collected by any player and add some ammunition to the Nexgun. To keep a long story short, all we do now is present you some superb screenshots for your viewing pleasure:


.:: 07/06/2009 Here comes the Dinosaur ::.

It's time for a new announcement. Today we are happy to introduce you to our newest member "The Raptor". He's like all of our kickass members a real maniac, i can personally assure. He was the former Leader of Team Krazer, a team that unluckily vanished from the scene. We hope that we can offer him a great new home and welcome him to our awesome pure pwnage team. We can even call Die Tunichtguten a multi-continental clan from this day on, as "The Raptor" lives in the USA. So we are no longer just a bunch of totally crazy europeans smiley-laughing.gif

"The Raptor" is adding a quiet nifty Last Man Standing Server to our server-park for all of you bloodthirsty passionated "can't get enough" g4m0rZ out there. The server is located, just like "The Raptor" himself, in the USA. So maybe we can even attract some more stars-and-stripes guys now. You can check out the LMS Server as usual directly on the very right side of your screen.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
- Albert Einstein



.:: 06/04/2009 New members, new servers ::.

There are a lot of interesting things happening!

We are proud to announce that our little community is growing. In the past weeks we got applications by 3 very eXtreme 1337 pr0 uber gam0rz. First one to join us was NeganoiD a total maniac Finn from the w00dz. He is hosting a neat new TDM (Minsta+Hook) server for you folks. Right afterwards dexen, the frosty wizzard, from Poland joined us. He will be hosting a nifty Keyhunt server for the scene. We are always happy to shoot you d00dies out there on our servers and welcome every heroic fighter that finds the way into our holy slaughterhouse halls.

Make sure to check out all of our servers right in front of your eyes  We just added Nexuiz protocol links at this occasion so that you have no excuse to not join our servers, now!!! If you want to join a server with the ease of one single mouseclick, head over to Nexuiz Australia. They have some premade scripts exactly for this purpose for Linux and Windows.

The last Tunichtgut to join us for now is known as QorL, the evil skull-crusher, from Slovenia. We are very happy to welcome all of you new Tunichtgute to our little community and hope that we will share some great times together.

Regarding this website be prepared for an upcoming user system which will provide the possibility for all Nexuiz clans to register to our site. You will be able to create your own free forums and member area, where you can organize and communicate with all your clan members.

May the force be with us ...


.:: 04/15/2009 Website progress ::.

Today we are proud to announce that we did some progress.

It took us quiet a long time, but now we finallly have completed the sections Server, Members, Downloads, Rules and Contact/Links. Although those pages may not be totally complete today, they all at least have some content now.

Server shows you all the capture records for our server. At the members section you can see some information about who we are. In the downloads section there is only one download by now, the official Nexuiz 2.5 stable version.

The most complete page is probably our rules section. Please take the time to read and obey our rules, if you want to play on our public server. Thanks in advance!

If you are bored, check out our link section. Most likely you will find something interesting there to waste your spare free time smiley-wink.gif



.:: 03/13/2009 Welcome ::.

We are ready for t3h Nexuiz scenesmiley-cool.gif!

Fear us or join us :P No, just kidding. Welcome to our website and have fun! The website is under construction at the moment. We hope to attract many new members soon.