If you want to get in contact with us there are quiet a lot of ways, to find us.

We got an irc channel on quakenet: #dietunichtguten @
If you got an IRC client installed, a click on the link should connect you to the quakenet servers and join our channel automatically. If you don't have an IRC client and don't want to install one, you can use this nifty web irc (no java VM needed, no flash either, only javascript and a decent browser!): Quakenet Webchat
All you have to do is enter your desired nick, connect and there you go.

If you want to talk to us in person, you are invited to join our Mumble voice chat server: mumble://

Again, if
you got installed Mumble allready, a click on the link should take you directly to us. If you still need Mumble, go here and download yourself a free copy:
It's open source (GPL'ed) completly, available for every platform and plain but powerful! But please don't expect us to be online there the whole time. You can surely expect a status display to be integrated at this place in the near future, so you can see if a visit would pay for you.

Last, but not least, we got an eMail adress that every member is able to read: Our email adress

This is our link section. Here we try to gether all important Xonotic links. Although we try to keep them fresh and actual it could be that some of those links don't work anymore. If you find a dead link, please contact us as soon as possible smiley-wink.gif

For clan- and teammembers:

If you are the member of a Xonotic clan or team, don't hesitate to contact us and read about our War-Service. This War-Service brings clans together to play on our servers. We are always happy, if someone wants to link to us. You can surely link to us, if you are not a Xonotic clan, too. Please contact us, if you link to us, so we can link to you in exchange. Thanks in advance!

Links to official Xonotic sites
This is the official Xonotic website. Here you can get the newest version and news, always :)
This is the official Xonotic development site
This is the official Xonotic Wiki

Links to other Xonotic clans
We simply love this guys. They have contributed some nifty mods for our server. Visit them now!

If you search for some bloodthirsty crazy maniacs, go and visit this site!

If you take the power from an atom bomb and put it into a clan you get this one as result

Links to other Xonotic sites
A blog about the Xonotic gaming scene
Xonotic master server. Here you can browser a list of all the servers
If you are registered to the ingame statistics system, you can check your stats here