Newbie's guide to CTF

Capture The Flag (CTF) crash-course
          by evil_mercenary [DieTunichtguten]

In a nutshell:

  • there are two flags and two teams: Blue and red
  • Grab the other team's flag from their base and return it to your base to cap
  • BUT, you can only cap when your flag is in your base too! This makes it harder!
  • The match ends when one team reaches the cap limit (this is usually 10 caps)
  • Always be sure of your team, and remember to move VERY quickly!


Capture the flag (CTF from here on in) is a team-based mode of Xonotic:  You and your team are pitted against another (Blue/ Red) in a fight over property and territory. Each member can make a dash for the opposition's flag, but scoring then requires a tactical retreat to your own base, and ensuring that your own team's flag is still at the base when you return. This can take great skill on the part of a team, and great coordination. A team finally wins when they reach the capture limit: 10 Caps (usually. Some servers may differ.)  There are other ways of scoring in CTF, for example, fragging a flag carrier, but the path to the most points still lies as a flag carrier........ strangely though, under the default scoring system in Xonotic, there are no points awarded for regular frags in CTF...

In CTF, at the start of a match, all members of a team tend to start in their base or in a neutral area of the playing field. Each team's respective flag is also situated within the centre of their base, guarded. The aim is to enter the enemy base, snag their flag, and return it to your flag, at your base. But you can only score a cap if your flag is at your base too.

when you finally grab the flag, MOVE QUICKLY!! Return to your base! If the enemy has your flag, rmember to hide and wait for your team to return it before showing yourself and heading to your base to score. If you don't manage to evade or frag members of the opposing team, you will drop the flag!

remember, flag carriers tend to be skilled players. Beware them. BUT try to frag the enemy carrying your flag at all costs! If he returns to his base, the enemy will score!

if a flag is dropped into an area of the map which causes death, the flag will remain there, unaffected by physics....these are opportunities to grab it. Though this is difficult to do without touching the effected ground yourself! The only exception to this rule is when the flag drops of the edge of a level, in which case it will be returned to its home base in a few seconds.

Beware of campers: there are an extra breed of camper which only appear in CTF....these people wait at the opposing team's base, waiting for the flag to be returned. These people annoy true flag carriers, as many are unskilled at flag carrying and take the opportunity away from others of carrying the flag. Try not to be one of those people.


  • picking up the enemy flag: 25 points
  • capturing the flag: 50 points, 1 CAP
  • fragging enemy flag carrier: 20 points
  • returning the flag: 20 points
  • fragging any enemy: 1 points
  • fragging any enemy by headshot: 2 points


  • know your team color! check at the beginning of each match
  • know when you're carrying the flag (indicated by a bright colored Key symbol on the left side of the screen)
  • don't take unnecessary risks as a Flag Carrier
  • protect your Flag carrier
  • attack opposing Flag Carriers in groups (2 or more players are best)
  • when an opposing team collects your flag, pursue and attack. Swarm as a team.
  • Work as a team, teamwork is the key. If everyone tries to camp for the flag, loss is unavoidable.
  • Know the map layout: you cant speedily return to your base without knowing the fastest (or most winding if you want to lose the enemy) route.

Thanks for reading!

Cant wait to see you in game...