Rules for our Xonotic public server

We don't have many rules and most rules are just common-sense, but you really need to obey the following rules, to keep the experience as comfortable as possible for everyone participating.

#1 Behave on the server: No insulting each other, no spamming, no general laming.

#2 Play fair on the server: Camping at teleport points is not allowed. So is permanent respawn fragging.

#3 Don't use hacks. If you get caught using hacks, you will most likely be perm-banned for at least 1 year.

#4 Listen to the admins: Incase you should not listen to the admins, e.g. if they ask you to stop camping, it's their good right to ban you, whenever they feel it is necessary. This may be in the same moment, but also the next day, week, etc.

#5 Respect the other players: Like rule #1 this especially includes insulting others. Don't use any bad or harsh words to talk to others on the server. Bad language is not allowed!

Do not get on our nerves with excessive advertising on our server. You will get kicked or banned for doing so.

#7 Commercials in general are not allowed. This means no websites or other servers! But recruiting other players to your clan is allowed if it is not excessive! You can show your clanpage to them!

#8 Obey the rules and keep them im honor: Should you violate against any of our rules, the admins are free to warn/kick/ban you, like they feel it is necessary to keep a warm and friendly atmosphere on our server.

These rules arent for funwars!

Respect the rules and the admins: These rules are mandatory. You have to stick to those, to be allowed to play on our server. Never ever start arguing with the admins decisions, may it, that they warned or kicked you ... the admins have the right to do so. Noone will be on your side, if you start arguing. Decisions are only made by the admins, if they are necessary. If you get warned, or kicked, you've earned it.

The rules are subject of changes. Although we think those rules are quiet complete, we still keep the right to change these rules, like we feel it is necessary. So keep in mind to check out the rules, if you got warned or kicked and you do not know why.