Newbies guide to Keyhunt

Keyhunt crash-course
by dexen deVries [DieTunichtGuten]

"A new rage is sweeping the nation. One by one, Players are drawn into blnoody struggle over The Keys. Characters clash, play styles are refined and lasting friendships are bound in between teammates." -- a former CTF player

In a nutshell:

  • there are three Keys and three teams: Blue, Red, Yellow
  • gather all three Keys and bring them close together to score big time (200 points)
  • reach score limit (usually 1000 points) before the enemies do to win a match
  • Key Carriers and Dropped Keys are indicated by arrows and labels on HUD
  • know your team color!

Keyhunt is a fast-paced, team-oriented mode of
Xonotic. You and your team are pitted against two other teams (Blue, Red, Yellow) in a deadly struggle over three colored Keys. A team wins when it hits score limit: 1000 points (exact value depends on map). Several aspects of Key hunting are awarded with varying amount of points; the highest scored (200p) is `capturing': gathering all three Keys and letting them link together. In principle you could win by frags alone -- but it would take a lot of fragging smiley-cool.gif

A KH match consists of several rounds. At the start of a round, one player of each team is given a key and becomes a Key Carrier. It is objective of whole team to win two remaining Keys from opposing teams and capture them (let them link together). Keys only link together while under control of one team! Your Key Carrier is indicated on HUD, do assist him. After a brief moment (~10 seconds) the other Key Carriers and Dropped Keys are indicated on the HUD, too.

As you frag enemy Key Carrier, his Key is dropped. Run over it to pick it up. From now, you are a Key Carrier yourself. Do protect the Key, it's a valuable asset for your team. Watch out for other Keys being picked by your teammates. Once they are, rush to meet up with your teammate Key Carriers (indicated on HUD) to capture the Keys and receive 200 points. For the Keys to be captured, bring them close together (about player's height); this will let them `link together' with beams of white energy. Beware other teams, fiercely trying to interfere at those key moments!

If an opposing team manages to capture all three keys, you may have a few moments to interrupt them before they link together. This is indicated on the HUD, try your best to attack the opposing Key Carriers to stop them from having the score!

Beware the danger areas of maps. Unlike CTF, many of them are active in Keyhunt. If you lose the Key over such area, it will vanish in a second or two, and count as lost, lowering your team scores. You can take advantage of this fact to hinder other teams by Pushing their Key Carriers onto such area to their death and lowering their score.

A key should never be left dropped for a several seconds, least it disappears (counts as lost) and points are subtracted from last Carrier's team.


  • Capturing the three Keys: +200p
  • Pushing a Key Carrier to a danger area to his peril: +50p
  • picking up a Key: +3p
  • fragging enemy Key Carrier: +2p
  • fragging other enemy: +1p
  • losing a Key in a danger area: -5p


  • know your team color! check at the beginning of each match
  • colors stay same between rounds
  • know if you carry a Key (indicated by a bright colored Key symbol on the left side of the screen)
  • don't take unnecessary risks as a Key Carrier
  • protect your Key Carriers
  • attack opposing Key Carriers in group (2, 3, ...)
  • when an opposing team collects all three keys, act *FAST*
  • don't be shy of Pushing opponent Key Carriers into danger areas
  • above all, play in team!

KH History:

  • on DieTunichtguten servers since June 2009 till December 2011


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Nice work dexen! Here a little taste of the upcomming usersystem :D